Rotarian on a mission as concerns rise over low vaccination numbers in Northumberland


Rotarian Scott MacCoubrey is on a mission to get as many people as possible vaccinated before the fall.

The full interview:

Anyone who has tried to organize a large group will tell you how hard it can be, especially getting everyone on the same page and coordinating people’s efforts to ensure things work. Now, imagine taking hundreds of community volunteers, an entire Rotary Club, a group of nurses, and up to nearly 1,000 people per day to be vaccinated. The logistics are mindboggling. My guest is one of many people who contributed to the imitative to create a mass clinic at the Cobourg Community Centre. The list of people deserving credit is too long to rhyme off here. Certainly, they all deserve a great deal of gratitude from the community.

It can feel good to see so many people come together for the benefit of all. Yet, one volunteer is particularly worried. As one of many people who has given their time and talent to the mass clinic, Scott MacCoubrey is on a mission.

When this Rotarian discovered Northumberland’s vaccination rates were below everywhere else, he became concerned. With a potential fourth wave on the horizon and the ability of the Delta variant to spread quickly, he decided to act. Here is his story.

Originally aired: August 6, 2021

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