Regional bus getting passengers to GO station and across Northumberland, says county reps

Commuter Connect

(Left to Right): Deputy Warden Brian Ostrander, Warden Mandy Martin, MPP David Piccini, Community Care Northumberland Transportation Service Manager Bobby-Jo Preston, Hop In Technologies Co-Founder & COO Boyd Reid, and Eastern Charters Manager Richard Li.

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For several years, Community Care has offered an on-demand bus service to get Northumberland County residents to doctor’s appointments and other places they need to go.

In the fall, Northumberland County council struck a deal with Metrolinx to provide commuter service to the Oshawa GO station. It also intended to expand the local service to help residents get to jobs and generally get around. Most importantly, it would get people from more rural areas like the townships and Campbellford and Brighton to Cobourg and Port Hope. It would be a one-year pilot project at the cost of $300,000.

Recently, the county wanted to promote the bus service. It gave out a six-month update. You will hear Boyd Reid, CEO and co-founder of Hopin Technologies, and Dan Borowec, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Northumberland County, discuss how the service uses technology and existing resources to make the system work. You will hear how it is going and what is coming next.

Originally aired: February 24, 2023

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