Plugging your nose to mark the ballot

Just voted.

What an incredibly negative experience. What does it say when you choose candidates by thinking about the ones you least want on council, then vote for the others because they are the ones left. Talk about holding your breath and marking the ballot.

One good thing, I really like voting on the Internet. No need to make arrangements to get off work, drive all the way back from Belleville in a huge rush to mark the ballot. Nice.

Watch tonight. With the electronic ballots, I bet the tally won’t take very long. All the suspense of counting and the late nights will be gone. Poof! It will be over.

Also watch for our Cobourg Municipal Election Night panel tonight starting at 8 p.m.

2 thoughts on “Plugging your nose to mark the ballot

  1. Election Day to day seems very anticlimactic. Signs are already being pulled. Driving by schools and churches – no cars parked out front and no yellow signs on doors with big arrows and “x'” Something got lost in translation. No sense of community.

    Voting on line was a breeze – with a coffee in hand. I thought it was questioning my judgment when it asked if I wanted to make more selections – because I voted strategically I didn’t vote for every available seat.

    Just hope tonight does not turnout to be a remake of the computer fiasco in Florida with ol’ buddy Jeb Bush.

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