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New council must walk fine line or repeat the past

The municipal post-election hang over begins this morning, waking up to a new council for Cobourg, feeling a bit groggy. Mayor-elect Gil Brocanier will have two incumbents on council and four new faces. Stan Frost was acclaimed as deputy mayor and Miriam Mutton will be the new senior councillor, once again riding on top of the polls to victory. The new faces are: Forrest Rowden, John Henderson, Donna Todd and Larry Sherwin. On the surface, it appears to be a big change from the last council. Continue Reading →

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A letter from a citizen journalist: debriefing election coverage

Dear “Friends”

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for being part of this
initiave in local “citizen journalism”. I have had many years of
political experience and, quite frankly, last night’s “little
experiment” in online social media journalism, well, was the most fun ever. However, in that regard I have a few awards to pass out–and kudos and
raspberries–as an entirely disinterested and dispassionate participant
in this event. Frankly, I’m embarassed to say I knew nothing about this
municipal election. I think Mr. Washburn recruited me for this effort
simply because he knew I was a fast typer

My job was to track down the candidates and interview them as the
results came in and post their comments to “Cover-It-Live”–a nice piece
of “citizen journalism” software for live coverage of events such as these. Continue Reading →

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Cobourg municipal election night 2010 panel

In the spirit of hyperlocal journalism, Consider This is hosting a live election night panel for Cobourg starting at 8 p.m. on Oct. 25. Joining me will be Cobourg community activist, fellow blogger and former politician Ben Burd. We will also be joined by local communications consultant, and former political staffer Scott Lamberton and community activist Deb O’Connor. Expect the unexpected as other guests may be joining us. Continue Reading →

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Striking a blow for municipal democracy

With only days left in the municipal election campaigns and advanced voting already underway, the decision about who to vote for remains largely unanswered. A study published in the Canadian Journal of Urban Research in 2006 says the general reason most people do not vote in any election is apathy, a lack of information, meaninglessness of the vote and laziness. For municipal elections, specifically, it is a lack of interest that is by far most cited as the reason for not voting. The media also takes some heat in the study. The intense and longer media coverage associated with federal election compared to the weaker coverage of local elections is one explanation. Continue Reading →

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Candidates need to get smart about social media

With all the promises of better communication between various councils and citizenry, a survey of campaign website turned up some pretty disappointing results. Most websites are little more than online brochures. A few ventured on to Facebook and a couple have Twitter. But, there are still quiet a few who do not even have an online presence. Cobourg’s race is a great example. Continue Reading →

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Whatever happened to the hospital issue during the current municipal election

A mere six months ago, a grassroot campaign was started to recapture the public agenda from Northumberland Hills Hospital. Two citizen groups were founded, public meetings were held and publicity campaigns were launched as people tried to push out an autocratic regime bent on reducing services. The initiative ended when efforts to get new board members elected failed during a tightly controlled annual general meeting. Since then, the citizen groups have gone quiet. The hospital and its board marshal on like a triumphant army with their scorch earth policies. Continue Reading →

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