Candidates need to get smart about social media

With all the promises of better communication between various councils and citizenry, a survey of campaign website turned up some pretty disappointing results.

Most websites are little more than online brochures. A few ventured on to Facebook and a couple have Twitter. But, there are still quiet a few who do not even have an online presence.

Cobourg’s race is a great example. Mayoral candidate Gil Brocanier has not posted anything new since Sept. 17. However, his Twitter has him active on Thanksgiving day (today) wishing everyone well. Manfred Schumann has not dates on any material, so it is impossible to tell what is going on in terms of recent activity. He has a few posts, but nothing about himself, his family or business interests. He is equally savvy with Facebook and Twitter, but nothing in terms of recent activity.

Council candidates in Cobourg do not use social media. Dave Glover has a single page consisting of a lot of words. John Henderson, Miriam Mutton and Bill MacDonald have online pamphlets. No interactivity. They only have button to click if you want to volunteer or take a sign. Why would anyone want to discuss issues or get answers to pressing questions, heaven forbid.

With all the talk in each campaign about accountability, transparency and better communication on council, all these candidates in West Northumberland need to get smart about new technology. It would be nice to see an election run for the 21st century, not the 19th century.

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