Notes from a meeting

We discussed readings to be done for this week. Three articles were sent to me at this meeting: ‘2006: Year of the blog,’ ‘Blogging in campaign situation,’ and ‘Effective blogs: Blogging down the money trail.’ Summaries for articles to be in Word documents and emailed to Rob as they are done. Also need to seek out websites about online journalism and other blogs for more background information.
Meeting at 10:30 Oct. 4/06, in E-Journalism lab, to meet citizen’s assembly representative for area, Mr. Reyes.
We also discussed strategy in recruiting people for our planned democracy events. We have sixteen people who have signed up to say they are interested, however we are getting very low turnout at our meetings. Rob emailed me the list of those already interested so as to not waste time. We are looking especially for those in the broadcast and radio fields of journalism as we have some from print already. We think the main deterrent for most is the perceived large time commitment. But what we really need is groups for 3-4 planned events over both semesters.
Our first recruiting technique will involve Eve and I going out and talking to people one-on-one, pitching the idea to them individually. We want to recruit quietly and stress that not much commitment is needed, only 3 or 4 events this year.

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