The Canadian Hyperlocal News Project launches

In an effort to explore innovative forms of journalism, the Canadian Hyperlocal News Project begins today.

This article by Robert Washburn, professor of e-journalism at Loyalist College, starts the investigation with some basic terminology and an overview of this growing trend.

But, it will not stop here. Over the upcoming days and months, the project will post articles, blogs, resources, links and other important materials to enhance the understanding of hyperlocal journalism and assist those interested in starting a hyperlocal news site.

In addition, there will be opportunities for discussion on relevant topics and chances for timely debate on breaking news.

As well, you can follow the @jsourceinnovate on Twitter for more up to the minute ideas, trends and news.

Finally, it is important to identify those creating hyperlocal journalism. So, let us know what you are up to or if you know of a hyperlocal news site by email. We will add them to our growing list.

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