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Hot off the Presses: The role of early Cobourg newspapers in creating community – speech to Cobourg Historical Society

Speech Cobourg Historical Society
Jan. 25, 2011

Thank-you. Mr. Gregory, Mr. Strauss, members of the executive and, in particular, Ms. Rostetter-Saunders and ladies and gentlemen, I wish to start by thanking the Cobourg and District Historical Society for this incredible opportunity. This is an organization with a rich history of its own. While the most recent incarnation was formed in 1980, the society dates back to 1901.  When I think about all the people who have stood where I am tonight, I am deeply honoured to be speaking. Continue Reading →

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Northumberland Local News Initiative plans public conversation about future of news


A group of local journalists and community volunteers are working with Loyalist Collge journalism faculty to organize a public workshop to discuss the future of news in West Northumberland on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, in the Concert Hall in Victoria Hall at 7 p.m. Two members of the committee discuss the role of local news and its future in the community on Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Launch of local news project in Northumberland

As promised, I have taken time to consider this and what is next for me in regards to local news in Northumberland County to see how I can contribute after losing my column last week. I have a plan. There is no doubt the closure of Northumberland Today is a severe blow to news coverage. And, it is tragic to see a newspaper started in 1831 shut down with little or no fanfare. Many good people worked very hard to bring coverage to the community. Continue Reading →

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An example of hyperlocal journalism at work in rural Canada

This is why hyperlocal journalism in rural Canada matters. A pilot partnership with Northumberland Community Counselling Centre to offer walk-in mental health services for people 16-years old and up was announced yesterday by Northumberland Hills Hospital. This is amazing news for the community. It was during an interview on Consider This Live on Northumberland 89.7 FM that NCCC Executive Director Janet Irvine proposed the idea in April. Then, in June, NHH Executive Director Linda Davis and board member Pam Wente were interviewed on Consider This Live where they discussed a strategic partnership. Continue Reading →

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Don’t forget about journalism in rural Canada

Re: Should the government step in to save journalism?, June 6 Should the government step in to save journalism?, June 6 The debate between Torstar chair John Honderich and Postmedia columnist Andrew Coyne about whether the government should step in to “save journalism” raises many points vital to the […]
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Local News Journalism Conference: Understanding Local Journalism: An Overview

Local News Journalism Conference: Understanding Local Journalism: An Overview

**Event is free and open to both registrants and non-registrants**RCC 204, Rogers Communications CentreModerator: Jaigris Hodson, Royal Roads UniversityApril Lindgren, Ryerson UniversityThese are challenging times for local news media in Canada. Local broadcast and print newsrooms have been hit by cutbacks, consolidations and closures and many digital-first news sites […]
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