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Temperance, Tonics or Both – The Life and Times of Leticia Youmans and Lydia Pinkham

This is the story of Leticia Youmans. From her humble beginnings near the hamlet of Baltimore to her international travels on behalf of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, her extraordinary life was lived during a drive for prohibition. It is a period of Canadian history we rarely explore. But like so many other historical figures, she deserves more than a superficial glance. I will attempt to make a case that Youmans’ life and her activism represent more significant social movements at that time – especially women’s suffrage. Continue Reading →

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Hot off the Presses: The role of early Cobourg newspapers in creating community – speech to Cobourg Historical Society

Speech Cobourg Historical Society
Jan. 25, 2011

Thank-you. Mr. Gregory, Mr. Strauss, members of the executive and, in particular, Ms. Rostetter-Saunders and ladies and gentlemen, I wish to start by thanking the Cobourg and District Historical Society for this incredible opportunity. This is an organization with a rich history of its own. While the most recent incarnation was formed in 1980, the society dates back to 1901.  When I think about all the people who have stood where I am tonight, I am deeply honoured to be speaking. Continue Reading →

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Class discussion

Trudeau tour has stirred people up. Some believe it is merely a public relations exercise meant to distract citizens from a series of problems; whereas others see it as an effort to reconnect with the country. Discuss. (more…) Continue Reading →

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