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An assessment of the live blog for the Peterborough consultation

The Peterborough consultation session for the Citizens’ Assembly was a great opportunity for the e-journalism students to get some practical experience, along with providing a chance to test our technology. The results of the journalism are currently being edited, but the live coverage was most interesting. Barb MacEachern was chosen to live blog the event using Blackberry technology. Her task was to send coverage via email about every 10 minutes to the Online Pioneer Plus website ( A module called mailhandler within the website would translate the email into a blog entry. Continue Reading →

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Plans for Peterborough

Our first opportunity to cover a public consultation done by the Citizens’ Assembly for TVO is December 5, 2006. We assembled an excellent team of student journalists who will do the coverage. We held a meeting on Thursday November 30, 2006 to discuss our strategy. Remembering, this is a two-track process, we must ensure solid coverage for TVO, but also the team will prepare some special materials for the e-journalism web site, Online Pioneer Plus, using our own tools. The day’s coverage will begin with Mel Bikiuk doing an indepth series of streeters in downtown Peterborough and on Trent University campus. Continue Reading →

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Report for Fred Fletcher

Project summary
Nov 12, 2006

Things are picking up with the project. This weekend, broadcast students under the direction of Kathleen Bazurk, who instructs the remote broadcast component of the program, will be recording a presentation by Richard S. Katz, from John Hopkins University (Baltimore), an expert in democratic reform. The tapes will be sent to TVO for them to post to their site. We are preparing for our broadcast in Peterborough at Gzwoski College on Dec. 5. Continue Reading →

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Preparations for major event

We’ve decided that since we’ve had so many problems recruiting, instead of focusing on getting large numbers of people out, we should think more in terms of a small core group of participants. We need around 6-8 people who are dedicated and can get the job done. We need people who have enough time to be generating material for website through blogging and can come to planned events. Rob is planning to speak with other professors in the journalism department to see if we can integrate what we are trying to do with some class work. We plan on having at least one story for the Pioneer per week, using the online Pioneer position. Continue Reading →

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Notes from a meeting

We discussed readings to be done for this week. Three articles were sent to me at this meeting: ‘2006: Year of the blog,’ ‘Blogging in campaign situation,’ and ‘Effective blogs: Blogging down the money trail.’ Summaries for articles to be in Word documents and emailed to Rob as they are done. Also need to seek out websites about online journalism and other blogs for more background information. Meeting at 10:30 Oct. 4/06, in E-Journalism lab, to meet citizen’s assembly representative for area, Mr. Reyes. Continue Reading →

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