Technical issues and comments

The Mac server – Zeus – is a problem. It hosts the Vote! site and has a tendancy to crash, a problem we are currently trying to troubleshoot. The server crashed at 5 p.m., two hours before we were to begin the mayoralty debate. Thankfully, there was one secretary in the information technology centre because all the support staff had gone home.
Together, with the help of Dean Geoff Cudmore, we found the server and manually rebooted it.
I have not reviewed the crash log, but my suspicion is the server crashed because we were using the iChat features, which have not bee used since last fall.
One notable techical comment is the use of the CJLX stream. Previously, we set up our own streaming configuration, a difficult task at the best of times. Having this stream meant we were guaranteed an excellent quality stream and far less hassel.

First posted: October 30, 2006

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