Preparations for major event

We’ve decided that since we’ve had so many problems recruiting, instead of focusing on getting large numbers of people out, we should think more in terms of a small core group of participants. We need around 6-8 people who are dedicated and can get the job done. We need people who have enough time to be generating material for website through blogging and can come to planned events.
Rob is planning to speak with other professors in the journalism department to see if we can integrate what we are trying to do with some class work. We plan on having at least one story for the Pioneer per week, using the online Pioneer position. Also possibly at least one broadcast or radio story per week.
We’ve decided that the best way to create buzz around our project is to plan a concentrated day to draw in the apathy group, a ‘blitz’ day. On this day we will create a pizza party atmosphere for our participants to make it fun. We will use a combination of methods, sending people out with key questions about democracy and the democratic process and get the raw data online. We can offer prizes and use a variety of technologies including Blackberries and cell phones.
Our ‘Democracy Day’s’ main theme will democracy and everyone getting a voice. There is a lot of potential to get large amounts of raw data/quotes. We can have online stories that link to audio quotes. We want to reach out to community and bring the fringe groups in, and onto our website.
We are aware that we have to be careful not to cross the fine line between facilitation and participation. We can sponsor, advertise, promote and cover an event. Could work with citizen’s assembly; however we need to be careful not to depend on the CA. We want to plan things independently of CA, to facilitate our journalism. Although if Reyes performs out reach to service clubs (i.e. / rotary or legion) we could cover those events.
Eve and I have discussed our best plan to recruit people for help on this project. We believe our two main roadblocks are: a lack of knowledge about the project, and a fear of being drawn in to too much of a time commitment. We thought we could solve this by creating a one page flyer explaining the project and exactly how much of a commitment it is. This flyer will be created by Eve and I and after Rob’s approval, handed out to those people in print, radio and broadcast that have not already shown an interest.

First posted: October 30, 2006

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