Northumberland Land Trust dedicated to preserving natural areas across county


The Chubb Point Reserve near Grafton is one of 13 tracts donated to the Northumberland Land Trust.

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Driving through Northumberland County, it is easy to spot various lots with woods or forests. It is one of the great attractions of living here. But the pressure to develop properties is constant. Many rural municipalities are overwhelmed by the number of building applications on these lands. Many times, it involves clearcutting the lot to build.

The Northumberland Land Trust is dedicated to preserving land in its natural state. People donate the land to save the woods or marshes forever. Even if the owner sells their home, the trust lands remain protected. There are 13 reserves, as they are called, in the county. More are slated to be added.

If you are at all interested in keeping Northumberland County’s natural beauty, you will want to hear what they have to say.

Originally aired: April 28, 2023

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