Longtime county resident and MP leads charge to preserve Canada’s largest urban park

Rouge Valley Urban Park

A meadow located in Rouge Valley Urban Park. Hamilton Township resident Pauline Browse has advocated for this land for more than 30 years. It is now under threat.

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Preserving land in its natural state is critical for the future. With all the pressures to develop affordable housing, the idea of making sure we protect and preserve areas can easily get lost.

Pauline Browse

Pauline Browse

In this interview, you will hear a story about ensuring our natural heritage does not get overlooked.

Pauline Browse, a former MP and a lifelong resident of Hamilton Township, will talk about protecting the Rouge National Urban Park located in Scarborough. This is a fight she has waged for more than 30 years. The Ontario government is threatening the park as it is about to open land for development adjacent to the park located in Pickering. The lands are part of the Greenbelt.

Originally aired: April 28, 2023

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