No changes to recycling program for residents, but big changes behind the scenes

Northumberland County recycling

Northumberland County\’s recycling program went through some significant changes last month.

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Last month, a major change to the local recycling program took place. And while residents may not notice any difference right away, it is a huge shift with serious implications.

Northumberland County is no longer in charge of its recycling program. You will still see the same trucks coming around to pick up your recycling. That will not change. And the green bins are still going. Garbage remains the same. Adam McCue, associate director of operations at Northumberland County, says nothing is different.

But behind the scenes, a provincial body called Circular Materials Ontario has taken over. It is made up of producers of items that use recyclable materials. The county is contracted to run the recycling program for the next two years. It is all part of a master plan from the provincial government to transfer the responsibilities and cost of recycling back to the companies that produce the materials.

Locally, it means taxpayers will not pay for recycling programs. That is a $3 million savings. If you want to hear the details, have a listen.

Originally aired: Jan. 12, 2024


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