All options open as council seeks public input on future of Alnwick-Haldimand Memorial Arena

Alnwick Haldimand Memorial Arena

The ice pad inside Alnwick Haldimand Memorial Arena in Grafton needs repairs and replacements. The township council is trying to determine the facility’s future by holding public meetings and surveys to get citizen input.

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For decades, Alnwick Haldimand Township council has wrestled with the future of the nearly 75-year-old Memorial Arena. The stacks of reports sitting on shelves are a testament to the debates over the years. Various councils have edged along with repairs and replacements as time has taken its toll.

Now, with accelerated development near Grafton and a council struggling to keep the facility open, politicians are seeking public input on the future of the ice pad. As the mayor said in the interview, all options are on the table. These range from a new facility to closing everything down. See what you think should be done.

Originally aired: Jan. 5, 2024

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