Everything from Grafton arena to housing considered in strategic planning, says mayor

Grafton arena

The Grafton arena is likely to be a part of the Alnwick-Haldimand Township strategic plan discussions, says Mayor John Logel.

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For nearly 75 years, the arena in Grafton has served the local hockey community. Once again, its future is uncertain as major repairs are necessary to keep it in service.

The five community centres in Alnwick-Haldimand Township are also under review as budget pressures raise questions about their viability.

Mayor John Logel says these are only two of the items under consideration when thinking about the township’s strategic plan.

It is a time for strategic planning across Northumberland County. Nearly all local councils will seek input from taxpayers to set goals for this term of council.

While a strategic plan often draws little attention from the public, it is critical. It is fundamental. It is the basis for decisions going forward. The plan can guide everything from affordable housing to tax rates.

You will hear how one municipality, Alnwick-Haldimand, is going about its strategic planning and how it may impact residents.

Originally aired: May 12, 2023

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