Movember becomes Decembeard

By Robert Washburn

It is truly time to start winding down Movember.

The moustache is noticeable from a distance and no longer depends on the angle of the sunlight to hit in such a way as to reflect off the silver hairs. The pseudo-Fu Manchu look is not working very well.  But honestly, it is temporary.

If the truth be told, two more shaves. Wednesday morning will be the last time a razor will meet my face. Starting, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011, the beard project will begin in earnest. Hopefully be Christmas, I will look “normal”, if that is remotely possible.

Despite all the flatter, both sincere and false, I do not think a hairless face makes me look younger. And, if a gray beard makes me look like an old man, that is okay with me. There are truly days I feel ancient anyways.

Besides, I had started visiting my barber in Cobourg again this fall. He does a great job trimming it, making me look quiet professional. I trust we can go back to that as soon as it grows in enough. Hell, the way I am feeling right now, I may just grow a huge Santa beard just to overcompensate.

Andrew Mendler, one of my third-year JOPB students, had me laughing today.

“Movember will become Decembeard,” he announced.

Yup, he’s right.

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