Green Wood Coalition seeks people for conversations about pressing issues post-pandemic

Green Wood Coalition

Outreach worker Nicole Whitmore has a conversation with one of many people who engage with the Green Wood Coalition.

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What do you think?

That is an excellent question. But not everyone is interested in the answer. Unless you are my guests this week. They care a lot about what people are thinking about these days.

In this interview with David Sheffield, executive director of the Green Wood Coalition. It has launched a series of conversations to engage people living in Northumberland. They want to know about addressing some of the most serious issues facing the most vulnerable in the county. Is it affordable housing? The opioid crisis? Addressing poverty? Universal basic income? Racism? The environment? The future of Indigenous people? Everything is up for grabs. David will share his thoughts on these potential topics and explain how the conversations are going to work. More importantly, how people can participate.

What do you think?

Originally aired; July 16, 2021

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