Green Wood Coalition reaches out, but also searching for answers to opioid crisis

We have certainly talked to many different people over the past few weeks about Opioids in Northumberland. We have heard from a doctor, a mental health worker, law enforcement, two recovering addicts, and a politician. Their perspectives are provoking, the stories are compelling, and at times heartbreaking. But all have spoken their truth. And, we were given incredible insights into what is happening in the community around opioids from those with first-hand knowledge.

Today, we hear from yet another perspective. Once again, it people who work directly with those facing the painful reality of addictions and the complex challenges of helping those individuals. As I am sure you will hear, opioids are not limited to any one demographic but transcend all classes, all economic groups, all races, genders, and identities. But my two guests today work with people who face many hardships beyond that – not just addictions, but live in poverty,  or lack of housing,  or live with mental health problems and a host of other barriers.

With me in the studio are David Sheffield, community director for the Green Wood Coalition in Port Hope, and Nicole Whitmore, facilitator of the Redpath addictions program offered through the Green Wood Coalition.

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