Fighting human trafficking in Northumberland through community initiative, says police

Acting Staff Sergeant Brent Allison and Detective Constable Janice MacDonald talk about human trafficking in Northumberland County. Photo by Robert Washburn

Human traffickers target children as young as 11- to 15-years old in Northumberland County for prostitution, according to Constable Detective Janice MacDonald, of the Cobourg Police Force. But, a multi-organizational task force is coming together with a $41,000 grant to help youth and parents by becoming better educated, she said. Acting Staff Sergeant Brent Allison said police are cracking down, as well. Listen to the shocking statistics and what is being done, as well as helpful tips to prevent children from being swept up in this growing problem as we discuss this issue on Consider This, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM.

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