Fentanyl deaths quadruple in Cobourg in less than a year, says police chief

The number of deaths due to fentanyl has quadrupled, while the number of calls to police has doubled in the past year, Chief Kai Liu said during an interview on Consider This Live. These are just calls where the police respond, he added. There are also those cases where people call an ambulance and those are not recorded in the police statistics, he explained. The number of calls up until July was 25 compared to 13 fentanyl calls for all of 2017.  The number of deaths in 2017 was one. By July, it was four.

These comments were part of a wide-ranging interview with the chief about the new three-year business plan for the Cobourg Police, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Residents identified drugs as a major issue in a survey done for the business plan.

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