Dealilng with layoffs

There is a lot being said about young people and employment these days thanks to the Centre for Policy Alternatives. Using Statistics Canada data, it says young people between 16 to 24 years old face unemployment rates of up to 17 per cent. In Ontario, the rate jumps to half of young people cannot find a job. CTV, The Toronto Star, and CBC among a long list of other media have excellent coverage.

I received an interesting email from Kimberly Green, of with an article on surviving layoffs. It is a bit of earned media for her and some brand journalism from me. And, the article is American and I am Canadian. Still, I do get hits from the United States. I write all this for the purpose of transparency, but also as a bit of an experiment. I am curious about brand journalism (we called it advertorial in my day). It is efforts by companies to work with journalists to write about topics helping to promote them. They do this on website and pay a lot of money for it. Everyone works really hard to hide the promotional elements, but it grabs huge audiences in some cases.

It will be interesting to track the hits on this story. I will report back to see what I find.

Oh yeah, and you need to have a job before you can get laid off. Right!

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