Clash of the Titans, but not the movie

Local lawyer Martin Partridge joined the race for Cobourg mayor today.

This is welcomed news, if for no other reason it means there will be a race for the top job. Partridge is well qualified on several levels and will give Deputy Mayor Gil Brocanier a run for his money. A story appeared in Northumberland Today regarding his announcement.

Partridge is a lawyer, but has also contributed to the community through major activities such as the co-founder of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, founder of the First Night New Year’s celebration and the purchase of the Northwest corner of Victoria Park, where the former Chateau Hotel once stood. His opposition to the Frink (fountain/ice rink) in the habour a few years ago demonstrated his ability to organize and mobilize people.

But what will make him a formidable opponent will be his political experience. A long-time Liberal, he has worked on numerous campaign and demonstrated a high skill level. Until now, he has played mostly in the background or back room in politics. It will be interesting to watch him step out into the spotlight.

Brocanier knows he will need to be on his toes. It will be a clash of the titans.

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