Bylaw not exciting, still vital

By Robert Washburn

Bylaw, policies and procedures are pretty dry stuff, but it is a vital part of municipal life.

While not exciting for the average person, Cobourg municipal clerk Lorraine Brace said it does have an impact. It ensures when people come to town hall there are transparency, openness, clarity and timely communications when residents want things, including everything from a dog licence to a building permit.

The review of policy and procedures is part of an ongoing regular municipal council maintenance process. The last time it was done was in 2004 with minor updates over time, she said. The current review is part of the Draft 2011-2014 Town of Cobourg Strategic Plan Objectives, she said.

From the perspective of municipal staff, the review provides direction and clear procedures to ensure council’s vision are delivered, she added. It serves as a manual or guide for the entire operation.


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3 thoughts on “Bylaw not exciting, still vital

  1. So much for councillors answering or acknowledging emails. I sent an email to all of the council have yet to be acknowledged by even ONE

  2. Please note, Ms Brace did not say it was boring. If that is the impression, then it is my mistake. Please be kind to her and forgive me.

  3. Well, I’m glad clerk Lorraine Brace admitted that bylaws, policies, and manuals are not exciting. As one of those who run screaming from any room where someone decides the group needs a mission statement or policy manual, I have to agree that they are needed. Just don’t ask me to develop them.

    Regarding the tension between Deputy Mayor Frost and Councillor Mutton, I got to thinking maybe he is one of those like me, and she is one of those who just love tinkering with words and has an ultimate belief in policy and procedures. I know folks like that, and while I don’t understand them, I know we need them too.

    Perhaps Frost has had enough, and just wants to be done with it. And Mutton is not satisfied with Part A, Clause B, Sub-section 32 and won’t rest until it’s perfect to her eyes. It may just be a clashing of those two sensibilities.

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