Asking for your donation for Movember

By Robert Washburn

With just over two weeks left in Movember, it is time to get serious about raising money. So, I am asking all my friends and family to please donate to help fight prostate cancer. It does not need to be a lot: $5, $10, $15, $25 or more, if you can afford it. It does not matter. Any amount helps.

To do this, just go to my Movember page and click on the “Donate to Me” button or, if you are inclined, “Donate to My Team.

If this great cause is not enough to motivate you to give, then help me save face. My team, the Loyalist Mo-Crew and its associated supporters of the opposite gender, Loyalist Mo-Sistas, are all students. Heck, it would be embarrassing for our generation if we let these young’uns, who barely have five cents to rubs together,  raise more money than me.

It is awkward asking so directly. But one of the best fundraising campaign people I know told me, “You have got to ask”. It is one of the most common mistakes people raising money make. They will do all kinds of activities, public education, fun events, brilliant marketing, but they never directly ask for a donation.

A quick check around cyberspace on the subject produces a number of websites saying the exact same thing: identify prospective donors, cultivate top prospects, ask for a gift, and say thank-you repeatedly.

Well, all of you are my prospects and I have spent most of my life cultivating our friendships. Now I am asking for your help.

And even before you give: thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you….

Now, go to my page and donate, please.


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