Alderville chief angry over lack of consultation regarding proposed Brighton development

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This is an aerial shot of lands proposed for development in Brighton. Alderville Chief Dave Mowat wants to be consulted as a proposed development progresses. He raises concerns after Indigenous artifacts dating back to 600 AD were discovered on the site.

The show:

Last week, I brought you the story of a proposal to develop a 32-unit condominium in Brighton that has many residents worried. It also has the mayor and councillors concerned.

The developer, JRB Williams Enterprises, wants to build on lands next to a provincially protected wetland on an area zoned for residential.

An archeological assessment report submitted to the council says some Indigenous pottery was found dating back to 600 AD.

Alderville Chief Dave Mowat is pretty upset. He has many concerns. In an interview I did with him for the Daily Wrap on January 27, he expressed those issues, plus his plan for going forward. I think you will want to hear about that interview.

Originally aired: February 3, 2023

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