Freedom Convoy Orange Shirt Day video upsets Alderville Chief


Hundreds gather on the Alderville First Nations on September 30, 2021, to commemorate Orange Shirt Day to recognize the Indigenous children at residential schools. Chief Dave Mowat shares his view on a recent posting of a video by members of the Freedom Convoy urging children to walk out of school on February 11, claiming it was Orange Shirt Day.

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Last week, members of the Freedom Convoy posted a video on Facebook urging children and parents to honour Orange Shirt Day. It asked children to walk out of class on February 11. It was meant to be an act of solidarity with those involved with the truckers’ protests in Ottawa and on international borders.

However, February 11 is not Orange Shirt Day. It is September 30. That is a national day to commemorate children sent to residential schools.

The video sparked outrage among Indigenous communities and many Canadians, including Alderville. It also caught the attention of Alderville First Nations Chief Dave Mowat.

In this interview, Chief Mowat will address this incident and other aspects of the convoy that has touched the Indigenous community. Some of it you may not even be aware of.

Originally aired: Feb. 18, 2022

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