Aftermath of protest leaves many questions and concerns nationally and locally, says expert

Protest extremism

The Freedom Convoy may be over, but concerns about the future of extremism and radicalization continue.

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The trucks may be gone from Ottawa. The Emergency Measures Act is over. But many questions remain.

One of the critical issues is whether or not the Freedom Convoy is a one-off protest or a political movement gathering momentum. One thing is evident, what happened cannot be ignored.

During the protests, extremism was on full display. Instances of racism, hate, intimidation took place amongst others trying to exercise their right to protest. Today’s show will explore one of the undercurrents of the protest – radicalization.

Jennifer Wolowic, a co-leader of the Strengthening Canadian Democracy Initiative at Simon Fraser University, will talk about the aftermath of the protest and the lessons learned. She will also suggest ways to keep our communities in Northumberland places of vibrant democracies. Plus, she will suggest ways to bridge the gaps with those we don’t see eye-to-eye.

Originally aired: February 25, 2022

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