She is gone

My beautiful dog, Paisley, has died.

After 11 years, she was sick with cancer and nothing could be done to save her. Next to my wife and daughter, I cannot think of anyone who was closer to me. She was my shadow, always following me around the house. She sat with me in my office, next to me watching TV and slept next to my side of the bed on her pillow. We walked daily.

It may seem like a strange post, but for those who knew me, she was a major fixture in my life. Also, for some, you will recognize her because you saw us together somewhere around town. There were also the countless students who knew her, as well. And, for all those wonderful dog lovers, you appreciate how the loss of a pet can affect someone.

I wanted to write something brilliant, a tribute to her. But, after several draft, it falls short. But, I must admit, the act of writing something helped me feel better about the loss. Still, it is muddled.

Maybe in the future, I might try to craft an obituary or a remembrance. But, for now, this is it.

Goodbye, my beloved Paisley. R.I.P.