Thanks for the letter to the editor

God bless Francis T. Hay, of Roseneath, for a letter to the editor regarding my recent column Northumberland MPP needs to do some serious thinking about his future.

Mr. Hay’s generous praise shows there are some deep-rooted problems facing Lou Rinaldi. And, despite a glowing self-promoting piece in Northumberland Today was straight off his executive assistant’s desk and reprinted. The laundry list of accomplishments are impressive to the untrained eye. But, just like every other MPP, Mr. Rinaldi is simply handing out the largess given to all MPPs to be distributed around to various ridings. These are the fiscal gifts paid by our tax dollars given back to us for services.

While Mr. Rinaldi deserves some credit for securing these grants, we must not forget that is his job. And, this money doesn’t wipe out all the other issues mentioned in the column or a long list of other issues that are not being dealt with in Northumberland.

Our tax dollars are going to many things, but as Mr. Hay points out, the rehab has not returned, the diabetes clinic remains in Port Hope and the poor are getting any more money in their pockets.

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