Follow up on Fulton report

First published: June 04, 2004

Northumberland Children’s Aid executive director Greg Dulmage called to follow up on the column appearing in the Cobourg Star and Port Hope Evening Guide.
The county’s children’s services committee, a group of organizations and agencies dealing with children and youth in Northumberland have discussed the report in detail already. They have been joined by representatives from police forces in the area. Also principals in the local schools have participated, as well.

This is an excellent first step. However, let’s hope the political masters of all these organizations and agencies also read the report closely. They should also make an effort to either be involved the the childrren’s services committee or create a joint task force on their own.

It is admirable the social agencies are working so hard. Without the political will (and dollars) nothing will happen. Although, it is amazing to watch some of these agencies use their limited funding. These is loads of creativity and they will stretch a dollar to the limit.

But this cannot be expected this time around. The issues raised need far more attention. A co-ordinated response is the only option.

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