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RCAF big band brought a bit of home to airmen during Second World War

The Streamliners was a big band formed by a group of young men serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. They were all barely 20 when they joined. Each one was passionate about music, but also patriotic. At first, they were technicians and mechanics, training at a base in St. Thomas, Ontario. Continue Reading →

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Insights into Cobourg’s cultural master plan by a politician and a patron of local culture


Cobourg impresario Ken Prue, owner of the Loft, and Cobourg Councillor Adam Bureau talk about the work currently underway regarding the cultural master plan for the town. Consultants MDB Insights are leading the process with a series of focus groups and public meetings to gather input. A public meeting is set for March 21, 2019, at the Cobourg Community Centre, starting at 6 p.m.

The $65,000 study is meant to shape the town’s direction, not only to help enhance the arts and cultural life locally but to also find economic opportunities, as well. Prue provides insights into the significance of the study for those who actually work within the cultural community, while Bureau gives the political perspective. Continue Reading →

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Daily life can be more interesting than big picture, says local author and historian

It is the daily lives of everyday people that make history come alive for local historian and author Gerry Brown, which he best exemplifies in his new book Memories from a Grey Wooden Box: Cobourg stories from The Great War. As a long-time high school history teacher in Prescott, Brown felt the big picture studied in class, like Napoleon, treaties, political figures and so forth, were interesting. But it did not represent his passion. “(Historians) didn’t talk about the day-to-day stuff. How people actually live in a variety of times and places,” he said in a recent interview with Consider This Northumberland. Continue Reading →

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Heritage and arts centre represents fulfilling a dream for a Castleton couple

The Mill at Piper Creek, north of Colborne, is the vision of Candace Cox and her husband, Mitchell Cox. Besides being a massive restoration project to save the historic mill, the project hopes to create a heritage and arts centre for artists and performers from across Northumberland. Listen, as Candace shares her journey, both the challenges and successes of the enterprise on Consider This Live, part of the Drive Time on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Canadian Jazz Festival seeks municipal funds

First published: March 29, 2005

Port Hope council was asked to provide $15,000 from its 2005 budget Tuesday night for the third annual All-Canadian Jazz Festival to ensure the group will receive money from other agencies. Treasurer Ron Brown, a new director of the festival’s board, told council during a presentation, the money was critical in order to convince other provincial and federal funding bodies like the Trillium Fund, Arts Presentation Canada Program Support, Tourism Event Marketing partnership Program and other arts bodies, the town is serious about supporting the event. “The way these organizations look at us is that if the town doesn’t fund us, then why should they,” he told council before a packed public gallery full of festival supporters. He also pointed out the ripple effect, if the town failed to provide its share, saying the more than 200 volunteers would fell their elected officials turned them down. “The town must play a leadership role,” he said. Continue Reading →

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