Revelation about Walmart tax break sends Cobourg budget chief scrambling

The municipal budget is boring. That is until you get your tax bill. Then, suddenly, it hits home. No matter if you are a senior on a fixed income trying to stay in your home or a recent addition to the community who just bought a house, seeing those property taxes is a sober lesson in how vital it is to pay attention to the local municipal budget.

First, Seguin explains how a decision by a property tax tribunal in favour of Walmart cost the town $475,000 and sent her scrambling to find savings in the budget to ensure the overall tax increase did not exceed the 1.9 per cent target she promised.

That is not all. Seguin also questions why council decided to build a multimillion road extension for Kerr Street and expresses a lukewarm tone when talking about the east pier upgrades included in the budget.

There is all this and more.

Originally aired: Feb. 14, 2020


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