Ontario Health Team Northumberland wants to know what you think about local healthcare

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The Ontario Health Team Northumberland is undertaking a major outreach campaign to get input for a new strategic plan. It will cover many aspects of local healthcare and well-being. Residents are encouraged to participate by going to https://www.ohtnorthumberland.ca or calling them 1-855-473-8875 ext. 163

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Wait times. How many times have you had to wait to get medical care? How long have you waited in the emergency room? How about a doctor’s office? To get home care? To access mental health services? There are many examples.

Lots of people complain about this and other aspects of local health care.

Well, now you can make a difference. Two people from the Ontario Health Team Northumberland will talk about a massive initiative to people’s thoughts about local healthcare. It is a major outreach campaign. It is the first and the most extensive consultation regarding healthcare ever in the county’s history. It touches every aspect of health and well-being. Everyone can comment on all aspects, from hospitals to home care to mental health to your own doctor. And, there is much, much more.

To participate, go to the Ontario Health Team website or call 1-855-473-8875 ext. 163

Originally aired: March 18. 2022

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