Mini-documentary explores Wesleyville land deal ins and outs


Port Hope council’s efforts to purchase more than 1,300-acres of land for about $20 million from Ontario Power Generation to expand its borders is dead after the provincial government killed the deal. This mini-documentary looks at what has happened since.

The mini-documentary:


The Wesleyville land deal is historic. Not only is it a genuinely massive tract of land at 1300 acres, but it also contains a huge section of environmentally sensitive land. Plus, it has the potential to double the size of Port Hope. The town was ready to buy the land in a deal with Ontario Power Generation or OPG on March 31, but before the deal was finalized, the provincial government stepped in to cancel it. On today’s show, there is a mini-documentary about this land deal. In this special feature, you will hear some of the early reactions from the two key players Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson and Northumberland Peterborough, South MPP David Puccini. You will also hear about a meeting between the provincial officials and the town last week. It also explores some of the issues not addressed publicly for the first time.

The original interviews with bonus materials:

Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson on April 4, 2022

Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson on April 11, 2022

Northumberland Peterborough South MPP David Piccini April 4

(Piccini was offered an opportunity twice to be interviewed after the meeting between provincial officials, Sanderson, town staff, and himself on April 7. His spokesperson said there was nothing to add.)

Originally aired: April 15, 2022.

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