Kawzenuk, a retired principal, seeks nomination for provincial Liberals in Northumberland-Peterborough South

Jeff Kawsenuk

Jeff Kawzenuk is seeking the nomination to be the candidate for the provincial Liberal Party for Northumberland Peterborough South

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There are many challenges running a political campaign during a pandemic, especially with a lockdown and stay-at-home order. Politicians and strategists must use some real ingenuity to get their message out. The old-fashioned door-knocking, kitchen table conversations, and “get-to-know-you” parties are impossible. Besides these hurdles, both candidates have a short timeline. The nomination meeting is on June 5.

Jeff Kawzenuk, a retired high school principal, is crisscrossing Northumberland-Peterborough South drumming up support. He is well-known across the riding, having worked in schools from Port Hope to Brighton. Like any candidate, he must answer a fundamental question: Can he beat the current MPP, David Piccini.

Here is my interview with Jeff Kawzenuk.

Originally aired: May 21, 2021

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