Local federal Liberal candidate readies for election in face of minority government in Ottawa

Alison Lester, federal Liberal candidate for Northumberland Peterborough South

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For many in Northumberland Peterborough South, the name Alison Lester might not ring a bell. She runs a successful law practice in Cobourg. She was born and raised in the area. She grew up and went to school locally. Like so many young people, she went off to university, took up a profession, and worked in Toronto. But soon, Northumberland began to call her home. So, she left the big city and returned. She got married, started a family, and became active in the community. A few years ago, at a social event, she spoke with Kim Rudd, the sitting MP. Lester mentioned an interest in seeking political office. A few conversations took place between Lester, Rudd, and others. Then, earlier this year, when Rudd decided not to run in the next election, Lester was ready to step in. This interview is a chance to learn a bit more about Lester, her views, her background, and what she hopes to do as a newly minted politician.

Here is my interview with Alison Lester, the newly selected federal Liberal candidate for Northumberland Peterborough South.

Originally aired: May 28, 2021

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