Help and Legal Centre wants you to get to know them better because you may need them one day

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Your landlord serves you notice. You are must move out. The reason is not totally clear. The apartment is nice but not great. It is also affordable. Yet, rumours are going around. The landlord wants to hike the rent. They hope to get rid of people, renovate and jack up the rent afterward. What do you do?

The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland is available to give you advice. They can assist with advice. They can educate you about the law. But even better, they can go with you to the tribunal to appear your eviction, if it came to that.

That is just one of a host of services the centre offers. In this interview, Beth Bellaire, chair of the board of directors, will go over a series of recommendations from a comprehensive report done over the past year for the centre. One of the big suggestions is improving the public’s knowledge of all the services it offers, plus several key things it can do to improve what it already does. Here is Beth Bellaire to explain.

Originally aired: June 11, 2021


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