Cobourg finds massive savings taking over animal control with help from humane society, says councillor

Animal Control

Cobourg is no longer a member of a joint committee for animal control. Instead, it is now providing its own services with the help of the Northumberland Humane Society.

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For some, nothing brings more sadness than seeing a lost animal. And nothing brings more joy than knowing a pet is reunited with its owner.

The town of Cobourg was spending $104,000 per year on animal control. That is the service that picks up stray dogs and cats, taking them to a pound to hopefully be reunited with their family.

Cobourg Councillor Aaron Burchat is the town’s point person for animal control. Two years ago, the town decided it was spending too much on animal control. At that time, it was part of a management committee made up of municipalities from the west half of Northumberland County. But in 2020, the council said it had enough and left.

In January, Cobourg council announced the Northumberland Humane Society would be providing pound services by looking after strays and reuniting pets with owners.

The two-year journey is the subject of the first segment of today’s show. Aaron Burchat is going to walk us through what happened and why. If you are a taxpayer or a pet lover you will want to hear what he has to say.

Originally aired: April 1, 2022


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