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Preparations for major event

We’ve decided that since we’ve had so many problems recruiting, instead of focusing on getting large numbers of people out, we should think more in terms of a small core group of participants. We need around 6-8 people who are dedicated and can get the job done. We need people who have enough time to be generating material for website through blogging and can come to planned events. Rob is planning to speak with other professors in the journalism department to see if we can integrate what we are trying to do with some class work. We plan on having at least one story for the Pioneer per week, using the online Pioneer position. Continue Reading →

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Notes from a meeting

We discussed readings to be done for this week. Three articles were sent to me at this meeting: ‘2006: Year of the blog,’ ‘Blogging in campaign situation,’ and ‘Effective blogs: Blogging down the money trail.’ Summaries for articles to be in Word documents and emailed to Rob as they are done. Also need to seek out websites about online journalism and other blogs for more background information. Meeting at 10:30 Oct. 4/06, in E-Journalism lab, to meet citizen’s assembly representative for area, Mr. Reyes. Continue Reading →

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The new French Revolution

What happens when there is no room for a public sphere to exist and citizens are left feeling disenfranchised, alienated and unempowered? A revolution. And, the signs are beginning to show. The recent incident involving actor-comedian Michael Richard, also known as Kramer in the hit television series Seinfeld, was devastated after he used a series of racial slurs against hecklers at the laugh Factory on Nov. 17. Continue Reading →

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A letter to the team on Dan Gilmour


Dan Gilmour, author of We Media, a seminal book in citizen journalism, makes the most honest confessions about his experiment in San Francisco. As a team of researchers, we should express great empathy for what he says and his experience. I also take solace in our work, since we often meet with the same result.

Our Vote experience, while brief, peaked at 1,177 visitors. We had 130 visitors Monday night and another 135 Tuesday during our election coverage. It dropped to 22 on Wednesday. Continue Reading →

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