Annual report give complex picture of trends for Port Hope police

Ride to Remember Port Hope

Members of the Ontario Police College Ride to Remember passed through Port Hope earlier this week. It is one of many community events police participate in annually.

The full interview:

Calls for service are down. Foot patrols are also down. Vehicle patrols are also down. Cannabis charges are up. Violent crimes, such as assaults, are up by 80 percent. The number of frauds has grown. Sexual assaults are up. Breaching the peace, probation violations, and domestic disturbances are rising.

It is a complex picture inside the Port Hope Police Annual Report for 2022. Chief Tim Farquharson will guide you through all the numbers and their meaning. You will also hear his to-do list. You decide if he is getting the job done.

Originally aired: Sept. 22, 2023

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