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School board must go further when it comes to Gilchrist

The censure of school board trustee Gord Gilchrist failed to go far enough in its actions when it took steps to reprimand him over comments made during the recent opening ceremony at Cobourg Collegiate Institute. According to local news media, a report brought before the board last week alleges Gilchrist made inappropriate comments regarding Indigenous people and their music to several students related to a drumming ceremony that was part of the celebrations. News stories also said students reported the remarks to their parents and later to school officials. A third-party investigation was launched into the incident. An adult witness also substantiated the claims, according to the third-party report. Continue Reading →

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If families come first, then prove it

First published:
September 12, 2001

So many times we hear from politicians that families come first. The story of Brenda Reyns and her two children demonstrates clearly how an institution like the school board, two local trustees and an employer care little for children and their families. Ms. Reyns was left scrambling to arrange for transportation for her two daughters – Olivia, 7 and Ashley, 4 – in order for her to keep using the same babysitter that the children have known for the past few years. Instead, the young children will be forced to walk up a stretch of paved road without any sidewalks. There are no houses, so if there were a problem, the girls would have nowhere to seek help. Continue Reading →

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