Waterfront comes to life as Cobourg beach opens for summer, pop-up food vendors approved

Cobourg beach

Cobourg beach opened this week for the summer. People can use the beach from Monday to Friday. It is closed on weekends and holidays. Council approved a plan to allow 1,200 people on the beach at any time. Bylaw officers will patrol it.

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You can feel the change. It’s slight, but it is there. The vaccine rollout continues with more than half the eligible people in Ontario receiving their first dose, and the second is coming soon. Then, earlier this week, the shutdown ended. There are still lots of restrictions. But it is a step in the right direction. Finally, there is the reopening plan. It is the roadmap to restarting the Ontario economy. After more than a year of uncertainty, the new reality is ever so guardedly coming into focus.

This week’s show is about two more indicators that things are on the move. The first story is about Cobourg Beach in Cobourg. For more than a year, the beach is a hotly debated subject. Should it be open? Should it be closed? Is there a compromise? And, don’t forget the protesters from last summer after the council closed the beach for the entire summer. There are strong emotions on all sides.

Council recently decided to partially open the beach this summer. Starting this week, people can now use Cobourg beach on weekdays, but it will be closed on weekends. In an interview with the politicians responsible for parks and recreation, you will hear how the council came to this decision. You will also hear the details of how it will all work. Plus, you will hear about the council’s additional plans to open up pop-up vendors along the waterfront, as well. Cobourg councillor Emily Chorley, the politician responsible for parks and recreation, explains.

Originally aired: June 4, 2021

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