Tension in the air that night

The tension in the air within the Northumberland Hills Hospital special board meeting was palatable as Citizens for Alternative Solutions made their presentation on June 9.

There was nothing obvious or overt. In fact, at times, it all felt like a stage play at Stratford. The choreographed PowerPoint given to the board who stared at the screen. The intense speeches. The far from penetrating questions. And, the faux politeness as everyone tried to hold back emotion.

The Alternative Solutions people were upset because three candidates slated to run for the board were outright rejected. The nominating committee chair John Farrell told the press and the rejected candidates they were not qualified. The board is skill-based and they do not have the skill. It is hard to imagine Tony Farren, Bill Patchett and John Morand as not being skilled. Farren is a multi-skilled accountant and former town councillor. Patchett is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the community and a respected fundraiser, along with a long history of volunteerism. Then, Morand, who is a former hospital board member from Port Hope, along with being a lawyer, businessman, and a resume as long as both arms.

The clip captures one of the few moments where Farago let himself go and took a shot. It is going to be pale in comparison to the battle expected at the hospital’s annual general meeting on June 17.

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  1. The Annual general Meeting will be very interesting. There are many steps yet to be taken and even after it is over it may not be over.

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