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Town off in wrong direction when it comes to parking in west end, says developer

By Robert Washburn

The town’s plans to restrict or deny parking in two west-end subdivisions will create more problems than it solves and may even make things worse, one of the developers said recently. New Amherst principle Max LeMarchant has never received any complaints about parking issues on public roads in the five years he as worked on the development on Elgin Street West, including in the winter when snow ploughs travel the streets. “The whole thing with parking restrictions, I am not sure what generated it, but I think it is misguided,” he said. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Cobourg’s parking mess

By John Draper

All of a sudden, parking has become a big issue in Cobourg. Last summer it was parking by visitors at the beach – despite signage, parking was allowed on the pier and no waterfront parking was free, even for residents. The residents in the new (white) waterfront condos are unhappy because not enough visitor’s parking required by the building permits. They pay taxes so they expected to be able to park on the waterfront but now, that’s very limited. This is not an easy problem since other residents also want to park on the waterfront in the summer. Continue Reading →

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