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Alderville Chief responds to Pope’s apology to Indigenous people over residential schools

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On April 1, Pope Francis delivered a historic apology. Speaking to a delegation from First Nations, Metis, and Inuit representatives, the Pope asked for God’s forgiveness for the Catholic Church’s role in running portions of the residential school system. The Anglican and United churches of Canada have already given formal apologies. For some indigenous people, the apology is too little too late. For others, it was an emotionally cathartic moment, lifting decades of shame and hurt over the abuse suffered by children at the schools. Continue Reading →

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Newly elected band council focuses on finances, environment, and residential schools, says chief

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Earlier this month, the Alderville First Nation held its band council election. Chief Dave Mowat was re-elected for a second term. The pandemic weighed heavily on this election. But coming out of it, the council has lots on its plate, including economic development, a cannabis bylaw, and its ongoing environmental agenda. Also top of mind are residential schools. Continue Reading →

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Impact of residential schools on generations of children felt in Alderville, says Chief Dave Mowat

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Sitting on the Second Line Road, just a short drive east of the Alderville Memorial on County Road 45, is a white, long building next to a very old United Church. The elongated building stretching back from the road is home to the administration offices of the Alderville First Nation. But before that, it was a Day School for the local Indigenous community. Prior to that, it was an industrial school dating back to 1838 when the government of Upper Canada decided it wanted to train boys from Indigenous communities. They took these children from their families in Alderville, Mud Lake, and Lake Scugog to turn them into tradespeople. Continue Reading →

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Local First Nations youth talks about National Aboriginal Day

Local journalism student and First Nations resident Corey Jacobs talks about National Aboriginal Day and its meaning for him on Consider This Live on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Alderville chief talks about re-election, business and federal election

Alderville Chief Jim Bob Marsden talks about his twelve election victories, solar farms and federal government’s legacy in this wide ranging conversation on Consider This Live as part of the Drive Time with Dave Glover on Northumberland 89.7 FM. Continue Reading →

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Alderville First Nations reach settlement on specific land dispute

In a historic agreement, the Alderville First Nations reached an agreement with the federal government over a sacred burial ground was taken away during the settlement of the Belleville area. As settlers moved into the lands occupied by the aboriginals in to the lands now known as  Thurlow Township, a burial ground was taken over. The claim provides a monetary compensation for $734,852. But what is equally significant is the acknowledgment the Crown failed to protect the lands from disturbance. A portion of Jane Forrester Park will be turned over for a memorial commemorating the Alderville First Nation and its contribution to the region. Continue Reading →

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