Rising numbers of people using food bank in face of inflation, gas prices, says CEO

Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank

Volunteers sort food at the Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank. ABout 550 households use the food bank each week.

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In Cobourg and Port Hope, 550 households will seek help from the Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank on any given week. These are people from a wide range of backgrounds: unemployed professionals, seniors living on a fixed income, young families, working poor, and youth.

For some, it takes courage to overcome the barriers of asking for help. For others, there is little choice as they cannot find enough work to cover the rising costs of food, rent, gas, and other necessities.

Helen Donovan, the CEO of the food bank, will tell you many heartbreaking stories of people who come every week to get a few days of food as they struggle. Here is that interview.

Originally aired: July 8, 2022

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