Port Hope ready to invest resources in affordable housing and waterfront, says mayor and deputy mayor

Port Hope beach will be part of the scope for a task group about to be created to formulate a new Waterfront Master Plan.


Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson and Deputy Mayor Les Andrews focused on two major components of the town’s strategic plan during a lengthy interview: the waterfront and affordable housing.

The interview covered topics ranging from cost-effective, efficient use of tax dollars, but also developing sustainable plans for the future.

The mayor expressed sensitivity to environmental issues. The deputy mayor mapped out the future for developing business in the downtown. Both had a lot to say on many topics.

All of it interesting in the context of pressures facing taxpayers and politicians. But, that is the beauty of a strategic plan. It is a map for the future. It is not a line, but a landscape to be explored. Listen to this hour-long interview.

Originally aired: June 28, 2019

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