New Northumberland United Way Executive Director checks in to share first six months on the job

Day of Caring Northumberland United WAy

Some volunteers from across Northumberland County came out recently to support the Day of Caring for the United Way.

The show:

The full interview with bonus material:

So many people are struggling. Food bank use is up. We are reminded daily about the lack of affordable housing and homelessness. Drugs and the opioid crisis are serious concerns.

While many organizations and institutions struggle with these problems, one agency tries to help them all. The Northumberland United Way raises money yearly to support many community groups and run its own programs.

In this interview, you will hear from Alicia Vandine, the new executive director of the United Way. You will learn about her efforts on the job over the last six months, and she will share a bit about herself. Have a listen.

Originally aired: June 21, 2024


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